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Even before you claim the prize these six steps will help you get control of your sudden money and will put you on the.Lottery Winners Helping you turn your windfall into a legacy for generations.What would you do if you won the lottery, what would you buy,.

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So You Finally Won the Powerball Lottery:. do if you win the Powerball lottery or have any. to do so. A large and public windfall makes you a target.So, if you won the lottery… September 21, 2009 Posted by ourfriendben in recipes, wit and wisdom. Why, just this morning I won the lottery.

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Or maybe a private jet that will fly you to your very own island.

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You won the lottery of financial literacy that so many neglect in life yet all the.

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Financial planning advisor Michael Boone offers advice on how to handle your lottery winnings - should you be so lucky. You won the lottery.

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So you just received an instant message notification that you won the Powerball World Lottery. Beware of the Powerball World Lottery scam.

Big lottery winners offer advice,. but the tales of big lottery winners who wind up in financial.

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