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My grandfather always told me never to schedule anything big on Friday the 13th since things may not work out as planned.Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.Friday the 13th is said to be the most widespread superstition in the United States today.

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Yet another Friday the 13th has arrived, bringing with it the usual superstitious chatter along with vows to avoid flying and other fear-inducing activities.

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Welcome all fans of Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th film series (as well as any horror fans).Funny stories about Triskaidekaphobia and Paraskevidekatriaphobia.Friday the 13th: The Beginning This story is about when I go to summer camp.For the sake of recapping, Aaron Guzikowski is penning the next installment in the Friday the 13th franchise for Platinum Dunes and Paramount, which is tentatively.

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Elle was only 7 when her parents were murdered on Friday the 13th, her brothers birthday.

Is Friday the 13th more superstitious and scary than other days of the year.

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Friday the 13th Interesting Facts, Trivia, Superstitions and Stories.We explore the origins and history of superstitions surrounding the date.

When the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday it is generally considered bad luck in.Here are some of the strangest, most tragic and simply notorious events that have occurred on Friday the 13ths throughout history.

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Tall tales that make us laugh and get us in the mood for the weekend.The CW is developing Friday The 13th as a drama series, based on the long-running feature franchise.

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Here are 3 real tales of horror that occurred on Friday the 13th of.

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The occasional calendar quirk has revived old fears of bad luck and calamities.Bizarre stories and superstitions: 13 fun facts about Friday the 13th.

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Friday the 13th has been known to give some people the creeps.

The Camp Crystal Lake young adult novels were a series of four original Friday the 13th stories written by Eric Morse for teen audiences.

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Movies: Friday the 13th fanfiction archive with over 466 stories.

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FRAMINGHAM, MA - Friday the 13th is approaching and Wayland ghosts could be coming out to play.We discuss upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases, sequel news, actor updates and so much more.Today is Friday the 13th. Shareable Stories Friday the 13th and other.

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Friday the 13ths is considered the most unlucky day of the year.

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Yet another Friday the 13th has arrived, bringing the usual superstitious chatter along with vows to avoid flying and other fear-inducing activities.

She believes that stepping on cracks and walking under a ladder will.Today is Friday the 13th — the unluckiest day on the calendar — so try not to crash your car, fall down a flight of stairs, set yourself.Check out these Friday the 13th - Legends, Myths and Stories.Friday The 13th fans have been kicking around stories for sequels for many years, but there were a lot of stories being shopped around message forums and even.Sky News takes a look at why today is seen as unlucky - and the unusual steps taken to avoid using the number 13 altogether.

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