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It also ranks the cities in individual countries, and provides a list of the capital.

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In September 2015 World Leaders committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.Data visualization of the world biggest data breaches, leaks and hacks.Visit Billy Bob's Texas and experience our Honky Tonk attitude, friendly Fort Worth hospitality, one of a kind concerts and truly unique atmosphere.

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The World's Biggest Gang Bang III – The Houston 620

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Worlds Largest Collection of the Worlds Smallest Versions of the Worlds Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum.Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents (Sizes shown are approximate estimates, and are here mainly for the purpose of ordering the groups, not.

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Australia was the first country to deregulate gambling, and it shows.

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This week the International Monetary Fund updated its data on the world economy.

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